Modus Operandi Accounting Services, provided by accountants and Support to start a business.
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Why outsourcing?

There are many benefits of outsourcing.

Modus Operandi is the answer for all companies who

want to save money and at the same time maintain

a high quality of service.

 - Modus Operandi

At our client's premises 

Accounting and Administrative Services

We provide tailored services according to each client's needs:

  • We can combine the advantages of permanent staff - all tasks can be carried out at the client’s premises, eliminating the need to remove documents from company premises 

  •  The advantages of an accounting company – competitive fees and no salary responsibilities.

 - Modus Operandi

AT our premises


Accounting, Finance, Management, Human Resources, Translations, etc.

We provide efficient finance and accounting, administration, human resource and translation services. We also provide expert financial advice, consulting and operational support.


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